DNS – What is Domain Name Server?

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is an Internet domain name resolution system invented in 1984. DNS allows setting the corresponding domain name and IP address.

In simple terms, DNS is a system to convert the domain name tophostcoupon.com to IP address


Working principle of DNS

  • Each service provider operates and maintains its own DNS Server. This means that the provider “A” manages the “B” domain. This “A” DNS server service will resolve domain “B” and not any other provider.
  • The Internet Network Information Center (INTERNIC) is responsible for monitoring domain names and DNS Servers. INTERNIC is an organization founded by NFS (National Science Foundation), AT & T and Network Solution, responsible for registering Internet domain names.
  • DNS is capable of querying other DNS servers to obtain a resolved name and is capable of querying the DNS server with the ability to remember names that have been resolved.

How to use DNS

Different DNS resolutions have different speed and domain name resolution, there is a fast but slow. Therefore, you need to consider the DNS service for your needs.

When you purchase a domain and hosting provider like GoDaddy for example, you do not need to change the DNS Server because the provider has their DNS Server default.

But if the domain and other hosting providers41 you are the domain name on the DNS server of the hosting provider. Also, you can use the intermediate DNS service and here you point to the IP of the hosting. Which way depends on your needs.

To change your DNS Server into Domain Control Panel then point to Name Servers of that DNS Server. In the figure below you use the Cloudflare intermediate DNS service.

Cloud Flare

I’m using CloudFlare and see this service very well, so many features you can use.

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