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Let's Encrypt on CentOS 7 running Apache

How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL On a Apache Webserver running CentOS 7

In the previous article, we showed you how to install Let's Encrypt certificate on CentOS 7 server using...
let's encrypt

How to install Let’s Encrypt certificate on CentOS 7 (NGINX)

As you know, the previous article I instructed you to install LEMP on CentOS.  You can read it...
how to install Lemp on CentOS

How to Install LEMP stack on CentOS 6,7

When renting VPS, to run a WordPress website you need a set of the necessary software. LEMP is...
How to install Lamp on CentOS 6 7

How to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on CentOS 6/7

LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a group of open source software that is often reinstalled to...
How Instal Sentora on CentOS 7

What is Sentora? How to Install Sentora on Centos 7

What is Sentora? Sentora is one of the best control panels for servers. This article will show you...