How to install WordOps on Ubuntu?

WordOps provides fast and secure WordPress deployment with Nginx using simple and easy-to-remember commands. From EasyEngine v3 version, has been updated with a number of new features including Wildcard SSL Certificates with DNS API authentication support, Linux kernel optimization, or a new custom Nginx package with TLS v1. 3 and Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK Support.

Minimum required configuration

  • Minimum 512MB ram.
  • Disk space (free hard drive) at least 100MB.
  • Supported OS: Ubuntu (16.04 64bit, 18.04 64bit), Debian (9 64bit, 10 64bit) and Raspbian (9 armv7l, 10 armv7l)

How to install wordops on ubuntu

Steps to install WordOps on Ubuntu

Log in to the server via SSH and run the command below to start installing WordOps:

Update the system with the following command

apt update -y

Install WordOps with the following command, the system will automatically install the included packages and launch WordOps

wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo

Install WordOps Stack

wo stack install

This will install the --web stack and --admin stack.

Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB, Netdata, Fail2Ban, WordOps dashboard, phpMyAdmin, Adminer, MySQLtuner, OpcacheGUI


wo stack install –web

This will install Nginx, PHP 7.4, MariaDB

Admin tools

WordOps backend with WordOps-Dashboard, PHPmyAdmin, Adminer, OpcacheGUI etc..

wo stack install –admin

After the installation is complete and needs to access the Backend of WordOps, enter the following command to get information

wo secure –auth

When installing successfully, the Admin stack and the WordOps dashboard will be available on https://YOUR.SERVER.IP:22222 with the credentials displayed during the stack installation.

WordOps Dashboard

More information about the upgrade, migrate, remove, start, restart, reload, stop WordOps. You can read more at: 

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