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In previous articles, we have introduced to you a very good VPS service provider that is with so many Ramnode coupons. However, Ramnode only has 2 locations, the US and the EU. There are now a lot of users who need data center locations in Asia and Australia because their customers are all over the world. So what is a good choice?

In this article, TopHostCoupon will introduce you to one of the extremely reputable and affordable VPS, Cloud servers. That is Linode.

Linode was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker. The name Linode is basically a combination of the two words node & Linux.

In the beginning, Linode only had 2 data centers based in the US, located in California and Dallas. Currently, however, it has around 11 data centers in different countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

Linode datacenters

11 datacenters of Linode

Their services have a lot of good reviews with a quality cloud server, with an excellent and fast support team. If you have never tried Linode, this will be a good opportunity for you to get a free $100 credit  by using the Linode coupon to trial VPS at

Linode coupon and Promo codes 2024

Just like Vultr or DigitalOcean, Linode also regularly gives up to $100 credits to new customers to experience their VPS services.

Click on the button below to get the Linode coupon

Free $100 Linode credit for the new account
Get free $60 credit
Free $20 credit
Get $20 credit to your account
$20 credit – 2 coupon
Get $10 credit to your account

*** The program only applies to new accounts only. Pay with Visa / Master card on the first time, after registering, you will could use PayPal for make the payment.  

Why should you choose Linode?

Extremely high performance

With good reviews from users to developers, Linode is a reliable choice because of its worthwhile performance.

With the most modern cloud computing technology, scaling resources with Linode manager is easy. Expanding or reducing your storage and other services with Linode is instant with just a few clicks. Along with that, NodeBalancer and Manager technology will allow businesses to manage multiple server instances through just one system.

Affordable cost

Compared to other providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure, the cost of Linode is very affordable. It is suitable for both individual users or startups and SMEs that prefer to use Linode as it is inexpensive and known for its quick launch.

High security, reliable

With extremely good reviews from developers and we ourselves have been using Linode for a long time, Linode is a highly secure cloud computing service provider. Free anti-DDOS firewall system, providing two-factor authentication to help protect your Linode account.

User-friendly interface

Linode’s Control Panel is easy to use whether you are a first-time user or an expert. Easy control on both computers and mobile devices.

24/7 customer support

Linode’s customer support representatives are not only professional but also very respectful to customers. We appreciate Linode’s customer support.

Linode plans

Currently, Linode is providing 4 product groups suitable for each user’s needs as below:

  • Shared CPU: suitable for websites with medium load capacity, the packages have a balance of performance and resources.
  • Dedicated CPU: suitable for those who need to rent a dedicated server that uses a lot of CPU, needs stable performance.
  • High Memory: as the name suggests, these plans are suitable for those who need a large amount of Ram, the packages here all use a dedicated CPU.
  • GPU: Special service pack using RTX 6000 graphics card.

Dedicated CPU Plans

These service packs are suitable for CPU performance-intensive needs.

4 GB 2 80 GB 4 TB 4 Gbps $30/mo
8 GB 4 160 GB 5 TB 5 Gbps $60/mo
16 GB 8 320 GB 6 TB 6 Gbps $120/mo
32 GB 16 640 GB 7 TB 7 Gbps $240/mo
64 GB 32 1280 GB 8 TB 8 Gbps $480/mo
96 GB 48 1920 GB 9 TB 9 Gbps $720/mo
128 GB 50 2500 GB 10 TB 10 Gbps $960/mo
256 GB 56 5000 Gb 11 TB 11 Gbps $1920/mo
512 GB 64 7200 GB 12 TB 12 Gbps $3840/mo

Shared CPU Plans

Shared virtual machine with high performance, suitable for many customers from individual users to developers, small and medium companies or startups.

1 GB 1 25 GB 1 TB 1 Gbps $5/mo
2 GB 1 50 GB 2 TB 2 Gbps $10/mo
4 GB 2 80 GB 4 TB 4 Gbps $20/mo
8 GB 4 160 GB 5 TB 5 Gbps $40/mo
16 GB 6 320 GB 8 TB 6 Gbps $80/mo
32 GB 8 640 GB 9 TB 7 Gbps $160/mo
64 GB 16 1280 GB 20 TB 9 Gbps $320/mo
96 GB 20 1920 Gb 20 TB 10 Gbps $480/mo
128 GB 24 2560 GB 20 TB 11 Gbps $640/mo
192 GB 32 3840 GB 20 TB 12 Gbps $960/mo

High Memory Plans

These service packs are suitable for RAM-intensive applications

24 GB 2 20 GB 5 TB 5 Gbps $60/mo
48 GB 2 40 GB 6 TB 6 Gbps $120/mo
90 GB 4 90 GB 7 TB 7 Gbps $240/mo
150 GB 8 200 GB 8 TB 8 Gbps $480/mo
300 GB 16 340 GB 9 TB 9 Gbps $960/mo

GPU Plans

Dedicated Virtual Machines  with RTX 6000 GPUs

32 GB 8 640 GB 1 16 TB 10 Gbps $1000/mo
64 GB 16 1280 GB 2 20 TB 10 Gbps $2000/mo
96 GB 20 1920 GB 3 20 TB 10 Gbps $3000/mo
128 GB 24 2560 GB 4 20 TB 10 Gbps $4000/mo

How to create a new VPS at Linode?

To create a new VPS at Linode, see the instructions below. After successfully logging in, go to the Linodes section and select Create Linode.

Create VPS at Linode step 1

Step 1

In the next step, you need to select the operating system such as Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu in the Choose a Distribution section, in the Region section select the appropriate data center.

Create a VPS at Linode step 2

Step 2

At this step you can create a white operating system to use or choose a 1-click app in the Market Place section. The process of installing WordPress, Drupal, LAMP, LEMP or Cyber Panel… is fully automatic after creating a VPS.

At the next step, select the service plan you want to use. You can choose Shared CPU, Dedicated CPU, High Memory or GPU plan

Choose Linode Plan

Step 3

At the last step, you need to fill in the Linode Label and Root Password section then click Create Linode to create VPS. You can access VPS with a tool like Putty, if you don’t know, read this article.

How to use the Linode coupon?

First, to receive the Linode $100 coupon, you need to note that you are a new customer, do not have an account at Linode.

Next, click on the coupon button above to get the Linode coupon. Remember to click on our special coupon button to get free $100 credit.

Create a Linode account with Email, username, and password. Then check your email to activate the account.

Confirm Linode email

Finally, fill in your personal information and use a credit card like Visa or Master to add a payment method. So you have successfully created an account, if there are no problems, your account will have 100 free credits to use all Linode services for 60 days.

If you don’t see the credit in your account, your account may be being verified by Linode’s payment department, please contact customer service for help.


  • This free $100 credit coupon is for new customers only. Linode does not accept PayPal for the first payment when creating an account, so you need a Credit Card.
  • After creating an account, you can top up via Paypal or Google Pay.
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