Linode coupon codes Jul 2021: Get Free $60 credit all new accounts for VPS Trial

Previous articles we have introduced to you a very good VPS service provider that is with so many Ramnode coupons. However, Ramnode only has 2 locations, the US and EU. Many of you want a good VPS service provider with a location in Asia.


In this article, TopHostCoupon will introduce you to one of the extremely reputable and affordable VPS, Cloud servers. That is Linode. This is one of the most popular cloud server providers in the world with 11 data centers: Atlanta (Georgia, USA), Fremont (California, USA), Newark (New Jersey, USA), Dallas (Texas, USA), London (England), Frankfurt (Germany).

In Asia now they have 2 locations in Tokyo (Japan), Singapore and Mumbai ( India ) and the newest in Sydney (Australia)

Linode 11 datacenters

Their services have a lot of good reviews with the quality cloud server, with an excellent and fast support team. If you have never tried Linode, this will be a good opportunity for you to get a free $ 20 coupon into your account to trial VPS at

The cloud server service in Linode is very diverse. You can easily rent servers from 1GB to 300GB Ram for only $5/month. These are the basic VPS packages here:

Linode VPS plan

How to get free $ 20 credits at Linode?

In order to make it easier for new customers to experience Cloud VPS service, they have a program to give away free $ 20 credits to all new customers when your account is activated.

To get $ 20 credit for new customers, you need to register an account here, verify and then enter the  Referral Code is 5f6d50ca89d726b2f069ffc856157f5a4a6cdb01 in the box below.

Linode Referral code

Next, you need to click the coupon button below to receive the Linode coupon, each person only to use a one-time coupon code.

Linode coupon and Promo codes, Free $20 credits 2020

Get free $100 Linode credit to your account
Get free $60 credit at
Get free $60 credit to your account
Get free 60 dollar credit all new accounts
Get $20 credit to your account
Get $20 credit to your account
Get $20 credit to your account
Get $10 credit to your account

*** The program only applies to new accounts only. Pay with Visa / Master card on the first time, after registering, you will could use PayPal for make the payment.  

Good luck to you, need helps please leave a comment.

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  1. Wow.! That’s a good news. I am already using an instance of Linode server which is managed by Cloudways. Can I avail this free 20$ credit or is this only valid for new servers.

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