Contabo VPS coupon 2019: 1 month VPS free*,VPS 4GB Ram, 300 GB only 3.99 Eur/mo

Contabo was founded by Michael Herpich and Michael Bolke in 2003. They started with a single server at the beginning. And after nearly 15 years of business, they have more than 5000 servers with 3 large data centers in Germany. Contabo base on key principles such as attractive user service packages, instant services, and top customer support.

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In this article, I will introduce you to the VPS/Server and Hosting service at Why you should buy VPS at Contabo and you will be happy to use VPS service here.

Contabo VPS/Server coupon and Review 2019

As I said above, Contabo’s VPS service is one of the great ways to save money when you want to combine the features of a dedicated server and shared hosting. Especially Contabo has more packages with solid-state storage SSDs for higher performance, faster speed, and more stability.

Contabo VPS Packages

All customers can choose to combine an HDD with an SSD for greater storage capacity from 300 GB to 1400GB HDD storage and 200 GB to 1600 GB SSD storage. If you do not need too much storage. You can choose VPS packages with SSD for optimizing performance, speed will be a lot faster.

Contabo VPS processors are available in 2 to 10 cores and are especially large in RAM. The smallest VPS M with 4GB of RAM and the largest package of up to 60GB of RAM will satisfy all the fastidious people.

It bases on KVM virtualization so that customers can enjoy full root and a web interface for easy system management, restart, reinstallation of the operating system, and DNS management.

Contabo VPS control

They have port rates of 100Mbit / s or 1Gbit / s depending on the package intended for all customers. The operating system for Contabo VPS you can manually install Linux or Window Servers. You can install custom cPanel / WHM or Plesk to administrate users as well as VPS easier.

All service packs come with daily virus scans, DDOS protection so it can help keep you safe from server attacks.

Contabo VPS Series HDD ( SSD-boosted )

You can see the VPS package information with the HDD below. Click to VISIT CONTABO button to get Contabo coupon and buy it quickly!

VPS 3004 GB 2 cores 300 GB Ssd-Boosted3.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS 700 10 GB 4 cores 700 GB Ssd-Boosted7.99 €/mo * Visit Contabo
VPS 1400 20 GB 6 cores 1400 GB Ssd-Boosted12.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo

(*) You will get free more 1 month VPS when you pay 12 months

With VPS 300 plan, you will have 4GB Ram, 300 GB space, the price only 3.99 Euro/ month, no setup fee, no hidden fee. If you need higher space you should choose VPS 1400 with 1400 GB space. All VPS HDD plans have SSD-boosted. When compared to other providers, with high configuration and good prices, you will be ready to buy immediately without thinking.

VPS SSD Series

This a list of SSD VPS packages. You can choose the package you want to buy and click to VISIT CONTABO button to get Contabo VPS coupon buy quickly at Get 1 month VPS free with Contabo coupon codes.

VPS S SSD 8 GB 4 cores 200 GB - 100% SSD4.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS M SSD 16 GB 6 cores 400 GB - 100% SSD8.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS L SSD 30 GB 8 cores 800 GB- 100% SSD14.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo
VPS XL SSD 60 GB 10 cores1600 GB- 100% SSD26.99 €/mo *Visit Contabo

(*) You will get more free 1 month VPS when you pay 12 months. 

VPS M SSD with the price only 4.99 EURO/month, you will get 4 cores CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 200 GB SSD storage. You will not be able to find a better provider when comparing prices and configurations with VPS M SSD package.  If you need more resources. You can choose the XL SSD package. With only 26.99 euro/month you will have 10 cores VPS, 60GB RAM, and 1600 GB SSD storage. This is a very large configuration with extremely good prices.

Contabo Shared Hosting

Contabo calls shared hosting packages as WebSpace packages. All packages include free SSL certificates and free domain names included with each service pack, and in particular, there is no limit to the amount of traffic to your website, as well as to some other providers.

WebSpace M

(2.99 Euro/mo)

50 GB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 free domain

1000 Emails/Ftp

20 SQL

WebSpace L

(4.99 Euro/mo)

100 GB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 free domain

2000 Emails/Ftp

50 SQL

WebSpace XL

(7.99 Euro/mo)

250 GB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

2 free domain

5000 Emails/Ftp

100 SQL

WebSpace XXL

(9.99 Euro/mo)

500 GB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

3 free domain

Unlimited Emails/Ftp

Unlimited SQL

** Click on VISIT CONTABO button to go to the detail page and buy hosting.

According to the table above, with M, L package you will have a free domain name. If you purchase the WebSpace XL package you will have two free domains and with the XXL package, you will have 3 free domains for only 9.99 Euros per month.

  • Automated backups available
  • FREE cPanel and account management portal
  • Easy domain registration, transfers, and DNS management
  • Year-round phone and email support

The Contabo account management interface is easy to use, offering many useful features in a compact and efficient package. Customers can view their services, as well as contact information and billing. Contabo’s customer control panel allows users to register service packs and manage their domains and DNS settings.

Contabo uses to manage Web Hosting. This is the easiest to use control panel in the world.

Contabo Dedicated Server Review

A dedicated server gives you full control over the use and use of all the resources on the physical server. This is the best solution for websites with large hits, business systems or any solution using a server.

Quad800 GB8 GBUnlimited39.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO
Core i7 2 x 1000 GB12 GBUnlimited49.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO
80 GB SSD, 2000 GB 24 GBUnlimited79.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO
X256 GB SSD, 3000 GB 64 GBUnlimited99.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO
Dual Xeon any combination128 GB ECCUnlimited119.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO
any combination
256 GB ECCUnlimited129.99 EUR/moVISIT CONTABO

The Dedicated Server Quad plan only 39.99 Eur/mo. You will have Intel Quad Core, 8 GB of RAM, 800 GB storage ( 400 GB x2 HDD ), and unlimited bandwidth. This is a very cheap price to own a Dedicated server.

Contabo support staff can assist you 365 days a year by phone or email. However, for US customers, there are some challenges when contacting a German-based company: Contabo does not have a toll-free number or 24-hour support, which means that technicians have Available by phone from 3 am to 6 pm. EST (8 am to 11 pm in Germany).

If you purchasers of upgrades for emergency support, you will receive priority treatment and feedback within 60 minutes or less for up to 5 servers. Contabo says every customer is king, and upgrading emergency support will turn customers into emperors.

Contabo Includes phone and email support, 99% network uptime. If you need help, please leave a comment.

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