Get free $100 credit at DigitalOcean for free trial all new account

It’s been a long time since DigitalOcean had a program that offered $ 100 credit to new customers. Take advantage of this opportunity now if you are a new customer at

Digital Ocean free 100 usd credit

DigitalOcean $100 free credit promo code

It’s been a long time since DigitalOcean has been offering free credit to new customers like this, so don’t miss it. The conditions for receiving the offer are simple, there will be $ 100 immediately into your account when you are:

  • A new customer of DigitalOcean.
  • Own a credit card (Visa / Master credit card)  or top up with PayPal to verify.

Click on the button below to get a free $100 DigitalOcean credit coupon

Coupon Detail
Get free $100 credit for new accounts at

After you register and have successfully verified your personal information. The amount of $ 100 free credit you will use within 60 days for all services: Droplet plan, Spaces object storage, Block Storage, or Load Balancers.

Digital Ocean free 100 usd program

In my opinion, DigitalOcean is one of the leading VPS service providers in the world. When you are looking for any VPS-related issue or need a guide, you will most likely see the arrival of Digital Ocean in the first place.

They are seen as a rich repository of VPS documentation by a community that regularly updates and supports each other on VPS issues that you can refer to.

I have been using about 7 DigitalOcean VPS for a few months and I am really satisfied with the stability and speed at

DigitalOcean Droplet

DigitalOcean Droplet Price

Currently, Digital Ocean’s lowest package is $5/month including 20GB SSD, 512MB Ram and 1 CPU. You can see the detailed price list below:

Basic Regular Intel with SSD

1 GB / 1 CPU 25 GB SSD 1 TB transfer $5/mo
2 GB / 1 CPU 50 GB SSD 2 TB transfer $10/mo
2 GB / 2 CPUs 60 GB SSD 3 TB transfer $15/mo
4 GB / 2 CPUs 80 GB SSD 4 TB transfer $20/mo
8 GB / 4 CPUs 160 GB SSD 5 TB transfer $40/mo
16 GB / 8 CPUs 320 GB SSD 6 TB transfer $80/mo

Basic Premium Intel & AMD with NVMe SSD

1 GB / 1 CPU 25 GB NVMe SSD 1 TB transfer $6/mo
2 GB / 1 CPU 50 GB NVMe SSD 2 TB transfer $12/mo
2 GB / 2 CPUs 60 GB NVMe SSD 3 TB transfer $18/mo
4 GB / 2 CPUs 80 GB NVMe SSD 4 TB transfer $24/mo
8 GB / 4 CPUs 160 GB NVMe SSD 5 TB transfer $48/mo
16 GB / 8 CPUs 320 GB NVMe SSD 6 TB transfer $96/mo

In addition to the above basic service packages, DigitalOcean has many different types of VPS services for many different needs such as optimizing CPU-Optimized Droplets, Memory-Optimized Droplets, or Storage-Optimized Droplets.

DigitalOcean also provides a few other services at DigitalOcean that many people are using that you need to know such as:

  • Block Storage with pricing starts at $0.10/GB per month.
  • Backup with the pricing is 20% of the cost of your virtual machine. So, for example,  $5/mo Droplet, the cost of the backup will be $1 per month.
  • Snapshots: The price is $0.05/GB per month.
  • Load Balancers: $10 per month

DigitalOcean Datacenter Locations

Currently, DigitalOcean has 13 data centers around the world stretching from the Americas, Europe to Asia. Use the speed test tool with each Datacenter locations right below:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
  2. Bangalore, India:
  3. London, UK:
  4. New York, NY:
  5. San Francisco, CA:
  6. San Francisco, CA:
  7. Toronto, Canada:
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
  9. Frankfurt, Germany:
  10. New York, NY:
  11. New York, NY:
  12. San Francisco, CA:
  13. Singapore:

How to use the coupon to get a free 100$ DigitalOcean credit?

  • Get a special discount code DigitalOcean that gives you at the beginning of the article.
  • Verify the account by going to Email and then make a $ 10 payment by credit card or Paypal.
  • After verifying your account, your account will have $ 100 free credits. If there is a problem contact DigitalOcean support for help.

After performing the above instructions, you already have $ 100 credits in your account to use the services. Instantly create a new VPS by clicking the green CREATE button on the top right corner of the screen and selecting the Droplets menu.

Create DigitalOcean droplets

Finally, you need to choose the operating system, choose the package, and choose the data center to create a VPS after a few minutes.


Do not register multiple accounts at DigitalOcean, you will be locked out of the account if you register multiple accounts.  If your account is locked when signing up, try contacting support for more information.

There are many other promo codes with no time limit. You can get it DigitalOcean coupons.

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