DigitalOcean coupon Oct 2021: Get free $100 credit for all new accounts

As one of the famous VPS providers today, in addition to Vultr and Ramnode. DigitalOcean also has a special coupon code applied when registering a new account.

DigitalOcean free 100 usd credit

When registering new, verify the account and use our DigitalOcean coupon below that you will get free 100 USD credit into your account. With free $100 credit, you can use in 60 days of services at

Each account can only use one coupon code at registration.

DigitalOcean Coupon / Promo Best Code Oct 2021

Currently, DigitalOcean is giving $100 free for all new customers when using the special DigitalOcean Coupon below.

Press the button below to receive the free $100 credit DigitalOcean coupon:

Coupon Describe
Get free $100 Digital Ocean credit all new accounts

The condition to receive $ 100 free credit at is very simple:

  • You are the new customer of DigitalOcean
  • Own an international payment card (Visa / Master credit card)  or top up with  PayPal to verify.

After registering, the card/payment service is finished, and will immediately have $ 100 in your account to try the service packages here.

***The amount is valid for 60 days from the date of activation. Although it is not too long, that much thought is more than enough to evaluate the service of DigitalOcean.

In rare cases, if you cannot use the DigitalOcean $ 100 credit coupon, then you can try one of the DigitalOcean Coupons below!

DigitalOcean coupon free $10 and $15 credit

DigitalOcean Coupon Describe
Get free$10 for your account
Free $10 for your account
Free $15 for your account

*** Each account can only use one coupon once, so you can choose any coupon. Limited to use 12 months.

How to use the DigitalOcean coupon and receive free 100$ credit?

  1. Sign up for a new Digital Ocean account (Do not sign up for multiple accounts because DigitalOcean will block your account if you register many.)
  2. Confirm your email account.
  3. You can use a Visa/Master Card or PayPal to make the payment of $5 ( If you cannot use your credit card for payment, please use Paypal.)
  4. If you have a promotional code fill it in Have a Promo Code box? 

You must enter the promotional code as soon as you verify the account. Each account can only use the DigitalOcean Coupon / Promo Code only once, you can view the coupon used on the Billing page.


  • Absolutely do not register multiple accounts to take advantage of the promotion lest mass block!
  • DigitalOcean checks the account very closely. If your account is locked, please contact support for assistance.

Wish you luck and success, if you need help or have any questions please leave a comment below this article.

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