VPSDime coupon codes May 2024: VPS 6GB Ram only $1/mo promo

VPSDime is known as one of the high-quality VPS providers with very affordable prices. Not only that, but the hosting service provided by VPSDime is also very reliable.

Overall, this is the best option for small businesses and people who want to reseller hosting services to others. VPS services and performance are reliable and may surprise you. In this post, Top Host Coupon will help you get amazing deals, so keep reading.



VPSDIME is the most widely used VPS service provider because the lowest package has 6GB Ram and costs only $ 7/month, the lowest package is 6GB Ram and you can buy the highest package of 36GB Ram. VPSDime is suitable for large websites that need a lot of resources to run smoothly.

All service packs use SSD drives for very fast read speeds and up to 10GBps connection ports. However, virtualization technology is still OpenVZ, if you do not want to share resources, you can use the Premium VPS service package, using KVM virtualization technology. However, the price will be more expensive.

VPSDime currently has a lot of customers, and I also use the VPS service here to run my websites. Very good service.

VPSDime coupon and promo codes 2024

Normally the 6GB Ram VPS package (6GB RAM, 4 vCPUs, 30GB SSD) has a price is $ 7/month. However, if you use our special promotion link, you will only pay $1 for first month!

Click on the button below to get the VPSDime coupon

Special Promotion $1 for first month 6GB Ram package

We have tested and the coupon is working as below screenshot shown:

VPSDIME 1 Dollar coupon

VPSdime Plans & Features

Linux VPS plans

6GB RAM 4 CPU 30GB SSD 2TB $1/1st mo
12GB RAM 4 CPU 60GB SSD 4TB $14/mo
18GB RAM 4 CPU 90GB SSD 6TB $21/mo
24GB RAM 4CPU 120GB SSD 8TB $28/mo
30GB RAM 4 CPU 150GB SSD 10TB $35/mo
36GB RAM 4 CPU 180GB SSD 12TB $42/mo

The great features of Linux VPS include:

  • Popular Linux: You can run with Distros Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora.
  • Full Root Access with full control of your VPS. Connect easily by SSH.
  • Inclusive Control Panel Manage your VPS’s power functions and view statistic graphs right at your client area.
  • Full SSD Storage Blazing fast SSD storage guarantees.
  • Fast Network with the amazing 10Gbit network.

Premium VPS plans

4GB RAM 1 Dedicated CPU 60GB SSD 2TB $20/mo
8GB RAM 2 Dedicated CPU 120GB SSD 4TB $40/mo
12GB RAM 3 Dedicated CPU 180GB SSD 6TB $60/mo
18GB RAM 4 Dedicated CPU 240GB SSD 8TB $80/mo
24GB RAM 6 Dedicated CPU 360GB SSD 10TB $120/mo
32GB RAM 8 Dedicated CPU 480GB SSD 12TB $160/mo

The features of Premium VPS will be:

  • Real Virtualization with KVM virtualization is like a dedicated server.
  • Fully Dedicated Resources Preallocated and dedicated blazing 3.3 GHz CPU and memory.
  • Nightly backups with 3-day retention included.
  • Full SSD Storage with Very high write-intensive (10 DWPD), RAID10 protected enterprise SSD storage.
  • Designed for Enterprise with a maximum of 16 VPS per node. High and consistent performance.

Storage VPS plans

If you need to buy a VPS to save data with a large capacity, then choose one of the Storage VPS service packages right below.

100GB HDD 1 CPU 1GB RAM 1TB $40/yr
250GB HDD 2 CPU 2GB RAM 2TB $60/yr
500GB HDD 4 CPU 2GB RAN 4TB $7/mo
750GB HDD 4 CPU 2GB RAM 6TB $11/mo
1000GB HDD 4 CPU 2GB RAM 8TB $14/mo
2000GB HDD 4 CPU 2GB RAM 16TB $28/mo

The features of Storage VPS:

  • Popular Linux like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux, and OpenSUSE are supported.
  • Enjoy full control of your VPS with full root access.
  • Built on high-quality HP servers with Western Digital RE Enterprise drives.
  • RAID Protected

VPSDime Datacenter Locations

Currently, VPSDime has 6 data centers, you can choose one of 6 locations when buying:

  1. Amsterdam, NL
  2. Dallas, Texas
  3. Maidenhead, UK
  4. Los Angeles, CA
  5. Piscataway, NJ
  6. Seattle, Washington

For a virtual server service provider, trust is the most important aspect; Continuous reviews from users show VPSdime hosting provider as the most highly rated by customers for VPS hosting because their support team is extremely responsive. and server performance of the highest quality.

VPSdime is a globally recognized hosting provider, pricing services with high reliability. You will be amazed by server performance, uptime as well as impeccable quality customer support.

VPSDime Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods does VPSDime accept?

You can make payments with Paypal and Credit Card (through Payu).

Does VPSDime offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! You can contact them within 3 days (72 hours from your first invoice date/time) for a full refund.

Yes! You can contact them to upgrade or downgrade – only a reboot is required.

How to use the VPSDime coupon code?

  • Go to TopHostCoupon.com and search VPSDime coupon, voucher code…
  • Click on the button coupon for getting the discount.
  • Choose the plan you want to buy, you should choose the yearly payment.
  • Finish your order with your payment method, you can make payment with a Credit card or Paypal.
  • If you get an error during the checkout process, you can contact their support for quick help.

If you have any VPSDime coupons, please send them to us via email: tophostcoupon@gmail.com

Good luck to you! If you need helps, please leave a comment.

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