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Install SSL Certificate on cPanel Hosting
How to install SSL Certificates on cPanel hosting?
In this article, TopHostCoupon will guide you through the following series of simple steps to install an SSL certificate on your Cpanel hosting in... Read more »
Add domain to cPanel
How to add domain to cPanel hosting
The following article will show you how to add a new domain name to cPanel hosting. How to add a domain name to cPanel... Read more »
How to use SMTP Gmail on WordPress
How to use Gmail SMTP for WordPress?
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - is a simple mail transfer protocol) is a standard for transferring electronic mail over the Internet. You... Read more »
How to use Google Authenticator SSH on CentOS 7?
Configuring Google Authenticator SSH on CentOS 7 aka 2-factor authentication brings more safety and security to VPS administration as well as your data. In... Read more »
Install Redis 6 on CentOS 7
How to Install Redis 6 on CentOS 7?
Installing Redis 6 on CentOS 7 improves the performance of Cache objects, the content generated by PHP, and the Database. This version of Redis... Read more »
Install Java 8 on CentOS 7
How to Install Java 8 on CentOS 7?
In this tutorial today we will help you install Java 8 on CentOS 7 in a simple, easy understand, and fastest way possible. Java... Read more »
How to install CentOS Web Panel to CentOS?
CentOS Web Panel (CWP)is a free control panel, fully functional as a licensed control, helping you to manage VPS/Dedicated server without SSH login, it... Read more »
How to use Cyber Panel? Create packages, create users, install WordPress, Install Let’s Encrypt
CyberPanel is a completely free control panel and supports many languages, it uses OpenLiteSpeed as the webserver. In the previous article, we have guided... Read more »
Install Let's Encrypt SSL on FastPanel
How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on FastPanel?
After successfully installing WordPress on FASTPANEL, your website will need to be installed with an SSL certificate to increase security and help achieve higher... Read more »
How to install WordPress on FastPanel?
As you know, FASTPANEL is one of the free, popular control panels that can be installed on both CentOS and Debian. After installing FASTPANEL,... Read more »