Premium DNS at NameCheap only $4.88/year

NameCheap’s Premium DNS service works with Verisign to help your domain name get 100% uptime online.

NameCheap Premium DNS

The Premium DNS of Namecheap provides DNS service using Anycast distributed technology with 17 locations spread all over the world, ensuring fast, stable and especially anti-DDoS DNS resolution.

PreimumDNS helps your website uptime 100%

When launching the service, Namecheap is committed to 100% quality for customers using PremiumDNS with maximum refund time up to 30 days/year. Plus a great customer support team ready to help you troubleshoot 24/7, the price of $ 4.88/year cannot match any vendor.

You should register 5+ years because when you renewal service, the price will be $9.98/year.

premium dns price

Are you having trouble with your current DNS, try using the PremiumDNS service of Namecheap.

See detailed information and register here.

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