GoDaddy “Website Builder” Review

Today to build a website, there must be technical knowledge but instead, reliable hosting providers are the ones who will help you do it yourself at an affordable price. GoDaddy Website Builder is one of those providers.

Godaddy is currently the world’s largest domain name provider with the best hosting service, they are extremely famous in hosting. Godaddy prides itself on having a price for the hosting service, and giving a 1-month free trial to their builder of InstantPage website, making web design easier than you ever imagined.

GoDaddy Website Builder

We tested Drive GoDaddy hosting and tried to build a popular server website. Overall, we found the builder to be very intuitive and well supported, but perhaps a bit limited in flexible design and e-commerce tools. Below is an assessment of our experience:

GoDaddy uses an InstantPage website builder version to provide a solution to build its customer-friendly website. Most GoDaddy hosting packages include building this website as an additional free option.

Top 5 “Advantages” of GoDaddy Website Builder

We will start with the advantages first because they are one of our favorite programs, but you can skip reading the previous defects if you want.

1. Start for free

The InstantPage site builder is an exclusive gift of the GoDaddy website building package. The three steps of the website builder hosting packages are extremely reasonable, making the site builder get 1 month of the free trial, you can start today with zero cost.

The drag-and-drop tool interface is extremely easy to use and allows users of two more advanced packages to seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile versions of their websites. The most advanced Business Plus packages also include 1-click communication management and SEO tools to attract attention to your newly-built website. 

2. More than 300 Themes and Templates

Like many of the best host builder sites, GoDaddy integrates hundreds of theme options with their website building packages, all suited to your specific needs. Actually, there are many interface templates for both plumber or some other specific occupations. Arrange themes by categories, such as education, food, personal, photography, and travel, to find your favorite theme.

When you select a theme, GoDaddy will automatically add a theme with the information you enter. You can edit text, change colors and fonts, add or delete pages, and upload your own photos or videos. 

3. Detailed instructions attached

GoDaddy’s beginner-friendly website provides step-by-step explanations on how to set up and customize your website. Whether you are adding a button or making a photo gallery, GoDaddy has a tutorial for that.

4. Get Help from Customer Support 24/7

An advantage of famous hosting companies like GoDaddy, their support team is one of the most reputable groups in the industry. If you have trouble at any time, you can contact their experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, email, or live chat.

5. Hosting Only $ 1

Let’s say that a site builder is not your favorite thing. If you want to have regular hosting routes and build your website with a platform, like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, it’s really not more cost-effective than $ 1-hosting of Go. -Daddy. With an available domain name for free with the purchase of annual packages, you can still create your website from nothing by using a free theme.

While we love GoDaddy because of their privileges, no-host is perfect. Read on to see what we don’t like about it.

Top 5 “Disadvantages” of GoDaddy Website Builder

As a web authority, we must be objective. Here are the five potential limitations that we want to change:

1. There is no E-Commerce Tool

To open an online store on GoDaddy is not easy. The main builder sites do not include anything about e-commerce, but you can use a separate online store builder – double the premium site builder package. If you are looking for a host site that is a bit more friendly to online businesses, then you should probably find another site builder.

2. Very basic design

Although you have a lot of themes to choose from, they get mixed up after a while. While the GoDaddy interface is very clean and modern, the interface is always the best when designed simply. That’s good for many, but try one of the best 2016 builder website packages if you want something a little more advanced.

3. You cannot Switch between Themes

An unfortunate caveat for more than 300 GoDaddy themes is that you cannot switch between them without losing your content. This can be more annoying than a major barrier, so be sure to choose your theme carefully before you are fully committed.

4. Ensure their uptime is not great

GoDaddy leads the industry in providing web hosting: domain names, hosting, affordability, and page loading, but they cannot 99.9% uptime commitment this is one of Godaddy’s biggest weaknesses so that they cannot hit High prices like some other hosting. However, for many users, they do not need to have 99.9% uptime if their website is not accessible 24/7.

5. No password protected

The inability to password protect certain pages of your site is a major minus point in the web hosting world today, so the lack of GoDaddy’s password protection page functions is another minus point – But again, this will not matter to most ordinary users.

Finally: Godaddy is very good but not enough to become a top supplier

Many of the errors we found with GoDaddy’s tools can be quite peculiar for you, making them a great option but Godaddy is a mass service that provides simple websites with small needs.

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