Parallel Desktop Coupon Jan 2023: Save up to 50%, Parallel desktop 17 officially supports Windows 11 on Mac M1

Are you a Mac user learning or using Parallel Desktop? What does it do and how does it work?

With Parallel Desktop 17, you can run thousands of Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Access, Quicken, QuickBooks, Visual Studio, or other familiar applications. Even graphics-intensive games and CAD programs experience no slowdowns or restarts.

Read the following article to learn how Parallels Desktop 17 works.

What is a Parallel Desktop? How does it work on Mac?

What is Parallel Desktop and how does it work on Mac?
For Mac users who need to add another operating system, such as Windows or Linux, you can search for Parallel Desktop.

It is responsible for creating a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac. You can then work on this existing virtual machine and install some required operating systems.

Here’s how to make a device that used to run macOS, like a Mac, now run multiple operating systems at the same time. There may be a business need to use some feature or utility that is not supported or poorly supported in macOS. For simplicity, 1 gets 2, gets 3.

Advantages of the Parallels Desktop 17 operating system when using a Mac

Parallels Dekstop 17

So once you know how it works on a computer, you still know what you can do with it.

  • Of course, after installing Windows, you need to use the app in Win on your Mac
  • Works with standard applications on macOS without restarting
  • Quickly and easily copy, drag and drop text, move files or documents between 2 operating systems
  • Of course, you can play Win games, and Win also supports other 3D applications
  • Easily transfer data between computers or from PC to Mac
  • Besides Windows, other required operating systems, such as Linux or another copy of macOS itself are also possible

So if you’re on a Mac and need to do the things listed above, use Parallel Desktop. Because it’s not a sin to enjoy using a Mac, but to leave everything to Windows.

What’s new and exciting in Parallels Desktop 17?

Watch an introductory guide to the Windows Parallel Desktop 17 operating system on Mac

Faster speed is what users enjoy when using Parallels Desktop 17

Parallels Desktop 17 has a store that supports over 200,000 Windows applications that run on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs as universal binaries.

With this revamped version, you’ll most noticeably experience significantly faster startups on your Mac M1s, as well as a high-frame-rate graphics experience while gaming. QuickNotes is a new feature from Apple that is even available in apps.

One caveat here, for Intel Macs, High Sierra is the minimum requirement, and M1 is Big Sur. In contrast, however, Intel chips support many other operating systems.

Unique Features Parallels Desktop 17 Works with Generations of Mac M1

Apple’s M1 chip seems to be interested in this 17 version. With significantly smoother drag and drop effects and speed. Windows can now also read Mac’s battery status.

Unique Features Parallels Desktop 17

Also, if you use Linux, the user interface window has been improved. Boot speed and other upgrades to drive or graphics performance will improve dramatically and quickly.

Faster speed, better drag, and drop, better overall graphics on M1 or Intel chips

Of course, you also understand that when using a virtual machine, the processing speed of tasks will be significantly slower. Updates are always welcome to increase processing speed for smoother tasks: smooth drag and drop, no lag. Or use an application or game that requires graphics and enhance it with Parallel Desktop 17.

Parallels Desktop coupons and How much does Parallel Desktop 17 cost?

The side-by-side desktop version 17 has 2 different prices, the Personal or Business plans are $79.99 and $99.99 respectively. The commercial version costs the same as the professional version.

If you are a student, the price of the student version is only $39.99/year.

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