GreenCloudVPS coupon Jul 2024: 50%OFF, 1 GB Ram, 15GB NVme VPS only $20/year

Besides the need to use Linux VPS as the webserver, there are quite a lot of you who want to have Windows VPS to be able to do some things like running Jingling tool, Hitleap; tool SEO; download/upload Youtube … Today I would like to introduce to you a cheap Windows VPS provider – GreenCloudVPS – very well meet the above needs.

Unlike other Windows VPS providers, VPS packages in GreenCloudVPS have been optimized for Bots (Jingling, Hitleap …) or SEO tools (GSA, Scrapebox, SeNUKE, XRumer …) so you can safely use it, not afraid of being suspended. Support on this site is also enthusiastic, having any problems can live, Skype, or create a Ticket.

GreenCloudVPS is a Windows VPS provider in Vietnam but quite famous in the world. There are many VPS packages available for different purposes such as browsing, bots, traffic exchange tools (Hitleap / Jingling).

GreenCloudVPS provides VPS at the US, UK, France, Germany, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Netherlands locations.

GreenCloudVPS location

Special promotion for SEO Optimized VPS, Jarvee Optimized VPS, 10Gbps Windows VPS, and NVME Windows VPS.  The discount is quite high up to 50% of VPS service, but it is only the first bill discount only, not a lifetime discount like the previous programs.

GreenCloudVPS  Coupon, Discount codes

Currently, GreenCloudVPS has a 50% discount coupon for all website plans, when you pay 1 year, please use the GreenCloudVPS discount code below to get an additional 10% discount.

50% Off Windows VPS SEO, Jarvee, 10Gbps, NVME VPS
10GbpsNLPromo-1: 30GB SSD, 2 cores CPU, 4 GB Ram just $45/year(Location NL)
10GbpsNLPromo-2: 60GB SSD, 4 cores CPU, 8 GB Ram just $7/mo (Location NL)
NVMePromo-1GB : 15GB NVMe, 1 core CPU, 1 GB Ram just $20/year(Location US, EU, UK, VN)
NVMePromo-2: 20GB NVMe, 2 cores CPU, 4 GB Ram just $60/year (location US, EU, UK)
NVMePromoAPAC-1: 30GB NVMe, 2 cores CPU, 4GB Ram just $60/year (location SG, VN, JP)
NVMePromoAPAC-2: 60GB NVMe, 4 cores CPU, 8 GB Ram just $120/year(location SG, VN, JP)
SSDPromo-1: 25GB SSD, 2 cores CPU, 4 GB Ram just only $6/mo (location US, CA, UK, DE, RO, NL SG, VN)
SSDPromo-2: 40GB SSD, 4 cores CPU, 8 GB Ram just $10/mo (location US, CA, NL, DE, RO, SG, UK, VN, SG)
KVMStorageX-1: 100GB SATA, 1 core CPU, 1 GB Ram just $25/year (location JP)
KVMStorageX-2: 200GB SATA, 1 core CPU, 1.5 GB Ram just $35/year (location JP)
Storage05TB: 500GB SATA, 1 core CPU, 2 GB Ram just $30/year (location RO, US)
Storage1TB: 1TB SATA, 1 core CPU, 2 GB Ram just $7/mo (Location RO, US)
Storage2TB: 2TB SATA, 2 cores CPU, 4GB Ram, just $14/mo (Location RO, US)

Some popular VPS packages in GreenCloudVPS

GreenCloudVPS Coupon codes

And currently, the most attractive service package at GreenCloudVPS is NVMePromo-1GB: 15GB NVMe, with 1 GB Ram, 1 Core CPU for only $ 20 / year. There are many locations for you to choose from: CO, CA, TX, IL, NY, GA (USA), Romania (EU), and Hanoi (Vietnam).

Not only that, when you buy 3 years, the price is only $ 55/3 years only.

GreenCloudVPS NVMe promo

How to use the GreenCloudVPS coupon code?

First, you need to access TopHostCoupon to get the promo code of GreenCloudVPS.

Next, click on the coupon code button above to get the coupon.

When the website opens, click on “Best annual deals! CLICK HERE” at the top of the website.

GreenCloudVPS coupon

At this time, GreenCloudVPS special discount page will open, select the service package you need to buy.

The final step is to fill in your personal and billing information, currently, you can only pay by credit card.

Thank you for visiting the website, wish you success.

Let me know the service experience at GreenCloudVPS by commenting on this article.

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