How to register Linode VPS and get free $20 credits

Linode is one of the most reputable VPS service providers today. They have a program to give free $ 20 to new customers. With 1GB Ram service pack, 25GB SSD, you will be able to use 4 months free.

You can see details of VPS Standard packages as below:

Linode VPS plan

This article will help you how to register a Linode VPS and receive free $ 20 credits.

What do you need to prepare when registering VPS in Linode?

To register an account at, you only need one thing. That is a credit card like Visa or Master card.  You will need to deposit at $ 5 into your Linode account when you register.

First, visit the homepage of Linode.


How to register account at Linode

Fill in your email, your account, and password. Then click Create Account.

Linode will send you an email like this. Click on the link to confirm the email address

linode confirm account

Next, you will switch to the Linode Manager screen. Fill your credit card and Billing information. You will need the referral code and promotion code for getting free $20 credits. Get Linode promo code and a referral code on this link.

Linode billing information

Click on SUBMIT to add the credit card to your account. You will need to deposit $5 into your account to get a free $20 promotion.

Sometimes Linode will check your account carefully. You will need to wait or provide additional payment information to enable Linode to activate your account.  After the information check is complete. You will see $ 20 free in your account, plus $ 5 you deposit into your account, you will have $ 25 in total.

Linode account finally

Creating a Linode account is done, from now on you can easily create your own VPS. In order for VPS to run the website, you will need to install VPS Web server tools such as Php, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin … You can learn more about how to install LAMP on CentOS.


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