What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server (or dedicated hosting) is your own physical server, all resources on that server are private for you. Therefore, the dedicated server gives you all the right to decide on the server, completely flexible to use. You can configure the server as you like, choose the operating system and software to use, install a separate hosting environment, especially for your needs.

dedicated server

In fact, dedicated servers are as powerful as the ones you buy on the outside, especially supported by professional support from the web host.


  • Full control over server configuration
  • Reliable (You don’t share any resources with anyone)
  • Root access
  • High security


  • High price
  • Need technical knowledge and server management experience

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Hosting on a Dedicated server provides customers with benefits such as high-speed Internet connection, high quality and safe physical infrastructure. Package hosting is often customized to suit the needs of customers such as bandwidth, memory and storage space needed. Since you “own” an entire server and not share it with another company, this allows powerful CPU application programs to operate smoothly and prevent your website from being shut down. caused by other websites.

This turns the Dedicated Server hosting plan into an ideal service package for companies with large websites, high traffic as well as giving them full control over the hosting environment.

Some main benefits of dedicated server use :

  •  Increase storage space, free up bandwidth to ensure a large amount of simultaneous access.
  •  There is no extra cost if you need to create more sites
  •  Control the entire system through a convenient web browser.

Ability to use a lot of resources. Not only can you place as many ads or affiliate programs as you want on your website, but you also host your own website. This can also bring you extra income.With a server used exclusively for your business, you are not limited to your work. You can deploy your business on your website related to your business.

 You can use all the ads you want with a rental server and make more money on your website. Therefore, with high performance, independence, security, configuration options, and many other dedicated server advantages, all applications on your server will work properly.

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