How to get free $100, $150 Google Ads (Google Adwords) coupon credit May 2024

In 2020, Google offers many options to help you receive Google Ads coupon from them. The use of a promotional code helps advertisers get more money into their advertising accounts, which is a way for Google to find new advertisers.  So only new advertisers, not participating in Google Ads, can use this Google Ads promo code.

Google Ads promotional codes can only be used in each country.

For example, US promotional codes can only be used for Google Ads in the US, UK promotional codes are for the UK only and cannot be used worldwide.

And here are some ways to get promotional codes for free Google Ads by country.

Free Google Ads coupon, promo codes

1, Google Ads $100, $150 credit coupon for Google Ads US account

Get Google Ads voucher code 150$ for the US market. Google will give you $150 when you spend $150.

This coupon code is provided by Google directly via the link. You just need to click on the link and fill in the registration email to receive

150 usd google ads coupon

Note: that you must enter an email without running ads before. If the email has run ads then it will not receive.

This code is provided for the US market only, Google determines the market based on the billing information of your Google Ads account.

Google Ads US coupon spend $25 and get $75 credit

Google Ads spend 25 usd and get 75 usd

This coupon will help you get $75 when you spend $25. Some times, you will receive a Google Ads coupon spend $50 and receive $100.

You can get spend $25 and get $75 or spend $50 and get $100 for Google Ads US account via this link.

These Google Ads promotional codes can only be used with newly created Google Ads accounts in the US <14 days.

2, Google Ads UK spend £25 and get £75 credit

These promotional codes are for Google Ads accounts that create less than 14 days of payment with UK billing information.

Google Ads UK coupon

Use a new Gmail account for getting Google Ads voucher £25 and get £75.

You can get a free £75 voucher at Or another link

3, Google Ads Australia $100 when spending $25

Get free $100 voucher for all Google Ads accounts with Australia billing. This voucher helps you get free $100 when you spend $75.

Google Ads Australia $100

Get free Google Ads Australia coupon here:

4, Google Ads France coupon get 75€ when you spend 25€

Spend 25€ and get 75€ credit for all Google Ads accounts with billing in France.

Google Ads France coupon 75 euro

Get free Google Ads France 75 euro here:

5, Google Ads Germany coupon spend 25€ then get 75€

Spend 25 euro and get 75 euro for all new Google Ads accounts in Germany.

Google Ads Germany account

Get free Google Adwords Germany coupon here:

6, Google Ads promo codes for some other countries

You can find Google Ads coupons for other countries with the links below:

  1. Google Ads Poland coupon spend €25 and get €75: Click here
  2. Google Ads Czech coupon 1000 Kč: Click here
  3. Google Ads Finland coupon spend €25 and get €75: Click here
  4. Google Ads Sweeden coupon 750 Kr: Click here
  5. Google Ads Denmark coupon 600 Kr: Click here
  6. Google Ads Austria coupon spend €25 and get €75: Click here
  7. Google Ads Italia coupon spend €25 and get €75: Click here
  8. Google Ads Portugal coupon €60: Click here
  9. Google Ads Norway coupon 750 Kr: Click here
  10. Google Ads Singapore coupon $75: Click here
  11. Google Ads Hong Kong coupon  HK$ 400: Click here
  12. Google Ads Japan coupon 7500¥: Click here
  13. Google Ads New Zealand coupon $100: Click here
  14. Google Ads Thailand coupon 1,500 bath: Click here
  15. Google Ads Malaysia coupon RM150: Click here
  16. Google Ads Indonesia coupon Rp450.000: Click here
  17. Google Ads Philippines coupon ₱2000: Click here
  18. Google Ads Saudi Arabia coupon 300 SAR: Click here
  19. Google Ads UAE coupon 300 AED: Click here
  20. Google Ads Turkey coupon 100 TL: Click here
  21. Google Ads Hungary coupon 15000 HUF: Click here
  22. Google Ads Latvia coupon 40€: Click here
  23. Google Ads Brazil coupon  R$100: Click here
  24. Google Ads Argentina coupon 700 ARS: Click here
  25. Google Ads India coupon Rs.2000: Click here


Use your email without registering a Google advertising account to sign up to receive promotional codes. All Google Ads coupon codes are valid for newly created accounts <14 days only.

  • You will need to add the payment details in your Google Ads account before using the coupon.
  • Spend $25 and get $100 which means only after spending $25, your account will be credited with $100.
  • You will need to spend the required amount within 31 days of using the coupon.
  • The offer is valid for specific countries and coupons are validated based on your account currency and payment information.

How to Get and use Google Ads Promotion Code?

Watch this video to know how to get free Google Ads promotional code

To redeem your Google Ads promotion code, you need to first add billing information to your account.

Click on the Tool & Setting, then choose Billing Settings

How to use Google Ads step 1


Go to the “Settings” menu in the left sidebar and scroll down and click on the “Manage Promotional codes” option.

manage-promotional codes google ads

Add your promotional code then click on APPLY

add promotional code

When your account finishes spending the required amount, you will see the money added to your account. You can check and see in the Billing section from 1 to 5 business days.

completed promotional

Having fun!

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