How to Install Wordpres manually on cPanel web hosting

If you are having difficulty installing your WordPress website on cPanel Hosting. In this article, you will probably solve that problem. Specifically, through the post-installation manual on StableHost.

How to intsall WordPress

Install WordPress on cPanel Hosting

I will detail step by step implementation.

You will need to prepare

First, you need to download the WordPress source code. When you go to the WordPress homepage, you choose to Get WordPress

Get WordPress

Then, choose Download the newest WordPress

Download WordPress

Upload WordPress

You access Hosting’s cPanel. Here you select File Manager

file manager

Then select upload

upload file cpanel



You can upload the WordPress Zip file via File Manager of cPanel or You can use FTP Software as File Zilla to upload the source code via FTP hosting account. Select your compressed WordPress file. Wait about a minute to upload. When uploading completed, you go back and unzip the file by right-clicking the file and selecting Extract to unpack it.


After extracting, we have the source code set on the host as shown

extract succesfully

When you unzip it, your source code will be in the WordPress directory. You proceed to select all files and folders in this folder to public_html.

Instructions for manipulating database creation, adding users and assigning users to use the database.

You already have source code website, now you proceed to create a database, user access database, proceed to import the database from local to database host.

You go back to the Home page of cPanel, access MySQL to create the database as shown in

create database


You create the database name as you like in


You continue to create the database user with the name as shown in

create database name

Proceed to add user and provide database control user rights as shown in

add user to database

Granting database user rights with Full permissions as shown in

grant database permission

After completing the steps to create the database, create a user, add users to use the database, you proceed to access your domain name by the web browser to install WordPress Website.

Similar installation steps for the following pictures:

grant database permission


install wordpress

Fill your Database name, database username, and database password

Then click Run Install WordPress

Finally, Choose your Site Title, Username, password, and your email

Install WordPress

Click to Install WordPress

Install Successfully

So you have completed the installation of a WordPress website on the hosting with cPanel.

Good luck to you!

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